A professionally designed and well constructed website will give your customers a positive online experience and will also ensure they feel confident to purchase from you. A professional site not only means that you care about your business and online image, but also makes visitors feel that the site is a trustworthy place to shop and give their personal information.
This can dramatically increase your sales, calls, and leads.

Underneath the sleek exteriors of our clients’ websites you’ll find clean, semantic code written with web standards and optimization in mind. A solid code foundation allows your site to inherently perform with search engines and generates great results. Our tech team is fluent in contemporary technologies such as HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. This knowledge, in combination with a user-friendly content management framework, like WordPress or Drupal, can bring your brand to the forefront of the digital world. We weave complex problems into elegant, simple solutions that work.

What’s My App Going To Cost?

Responsive Web Design

Let’s face it—the days of browsing the Internet exclusively from your desktop computer are long gone. We design and develop for screens of all sizes by applying responsive, modern web standards to ensure that all browsers and devices display your website properly. Stats– in 2014 mobile surpassed desktop in usage and as a result – more than one half of all local searches are performed on a mobile device 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.

Nobody wants to pinch or zoom....

82% of companies that designed a website specifically with mobile experience in mind, had increased sales.


Mobile Apps now account for OVER HALF of the time consumers spend on digital media.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are the future, and the present. Whether you are looking for iOS, Android, or a good old fashioned web application – we are your team! It is our expert team and our holistic approach that deploys successful applications. We will look at your application from every angle and develop a solid user experience for your target audience WHILE staying within budget.

Content Management Systems

Once your site goes live, we put you in the driver’s seat with a content management system that allows you to easily maintain, edit and modify the content on your site. Without all the unnecessary baggage associated with other CMS’s out there, we deliver a system that’s custom tailored to your specific needs. We love open-source CMS – like WordPress and Drupal. It lets us work quickly and cost-effectively allowing you to use your budget on features and services that matter instead of squandering it on software licenses.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

We'll Spot You!

We offer our clients free WordPress Training EVERY MONTH! We believe in making you self sufficient, so you don’t have to depend on, and pay, a web developer to make changes to your site!


Our job is to stay up-to-date on what’s happening on the Web, and we hold training sessions to go over the latest releases for WordPress. Do you want to learn how to update your website to look like a professional? Then come and experience our WordPress Workshop where our team of expert web developers can show you all the tricks of the trade when it comes to your website. All skill levels are welcome in this interactive and informative class, you will get one-on-one instruction and can build/update your website during the workshop!

Web Browser / Device Testing


  • Edge – Latest Version
  • Internet Explorer – Latest Version
  • Firefox – Latest Version
  • Chrome – Latest Version


  • Safari – Latest Version
  • Firefox – Latest Version
  • Chrome – Latest Version


  • iPhone 6S Plus*
  • iPhone 6S*
  • iPhone 6 Plus*
  • iPhone 6*
  • iPad Air 2*
  • iPad mini – Latest Version*


  • Galaxy S6*
  • Galaxy S5*
  • Galaxy Tab 4*
  • Nexus 6*
  • Nexus 9 Tablet*
  • Nexus 7 Tablet*

* Installed Native OS Browsers Only. Others available upon request.


“Guiding Harbor, has been working with Visual Compass Web Design for the past four years. Throughout our relationship with Visual Compass we have received exemplary customer service from them whether it be through face to face, email or telephone contact. We feel that they go above and beyond what is necessary for their client’s. They have created two websites for our organization that we are very proud of and regularly receive compliments upon for the design and layout of our websites. Visual Compass has also designed brochures and advertisements for our agency to be used for multiple purposes. I highly recommend Visual Compass for your design needs.”

Maria Lessnau

Chief Executive Officer

Guiding Harbor