Visual Compass combines creativity and solid design principals to build custom user experiences for all things digital. Our process and user-focused approach helps clients achieve their goals and promotes revenue growth – as we’re not only building a site, we’re creating a digital extension of your brand.

Our focus on creative design, usability, and modern web standards sets us apart from ordinary web design shops. We design with the user in mind, while custom tailoring the experience and interface to meet your unique goals. This approach combined with our agile methodologies allow the Visual Compass creative team to craft flexible designs that bridge the gap between desktops and mobile devices.

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Good navigation is the cornerstone of an effective website. If done correctly, it maximizes the ease of use for a wide range of customers – making for quick and logical travel throughout the entire site. Simplified navigation can be the difference between a sale and a frustrated visitor that ends up leaving to find a better website. It affects search engine rankings, user-friendliness, traffic and, most importantly, conversions.

Now Where Would I Find...

50% of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information

First Impressions

63% of users do not return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience


Balance is all about ensuring that your design does not tip to one side or the other. Our design team manipulates the visual weight of a layout in many ways, with color, size and the addition or removal of elements. Successful balance comes from a trained eye and without a professionally designed layout a website can become unbalanced rather quickly.


Every color sends a message. What does your color scheme say about your brand? Colors can create a very specific mood or impression on a website. If a site’s color gives the wrong impression, it can result in high bounce rates, as the site will suggest inexperience, unprofessionalism or even untrustworthiness. Our designers know colors and are experts at choosing the correct palette to convey the emotions and messages you want to deliver to your audience to take action.

Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys....

Think that women want to see pink? Wrong! Blue is their preferred web color of choice.

Size really DOES matter!

A test conducted that increased a website’s font from 10pt to 13pt resulted in a decrease in bounce rate by 10%, decrease in site exit rate by 19%, and an increase in pages per visit by 24%!


White space, or negative space, has to do with what is not there. Like measure and leading, white space gives text some breathing room and spatial peace. By giving text some breathing room, your site’s elements will stand out, drawing your visitor’s eye to them, with the addition of white space and paragraphs with sufficient padding will ensure readability.


Whether it’s your website, business cards or product packaging, your business aesthetic should have both unity and consistency. This connection has to do with how all elements come together: balance, grid, colors, graphics, type and white space. It’s sort of the glue that binds everything together. Without this glue, the design falls apart. You could have pretty type and a brilliant and meticulously chosen color palette, but if the graphics are awful or simply don’t match your brand or if everything is crammed together without thought, the design will fail. This is the hardest part of designing. Let our design team guide you on how to best market your brand.

Will anyone remember you?

Video is the number one way to build brand awareness these days, with 80% of consumers remembering a brand after just one video view.

Do images REALLY matter?

67% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results

Graphics & Images

Graphics are a way to make your messages stick while giving your business an opportunity to creatively connect with your audience through great design. These images should embody your brand and will draw your visitors into a page to then read your content. Graphics not only add life to a website, they also make it convert better. People no longer want to browse a website – they want to experience it. Using the right images can boost your site’s conversions and get you to connect better with your target audience.


There is no doubt about it – typography and the font-faces on your website have a huge impact on your visitor in multiple aspects including readability, mood, and user experience just to name a few. It is absolutely essential that your site be designed using the different principles of typography in mind to create a pleasing design, in order to properly portray the vision and mood of your brand. The main purpose of font selection or typeface is to convey the character or purpose of your website and content – so does your site currently help you to communicate with your viewers or is it distracting them?

What the f#nt!?

Make sure the font on your website is clear and well-sized. Over 75% of users will leave a website within 25 seconds or less if they find it’s content to be unreadable.


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Whether it’s a logo, print, web design, product packaging, or animation, we can help bring your ideas to life.

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“I spoke with three different Web Designers and in the end it was Visual Compass. I am very happy I chose them. They are prompt and professional and have taken the time to show my husband and I how to complete simple tasks on our own without always having to pay for their technical support. They will even follow-up from time to time to ensure that I am happy with how things are working. If you can't tell, I HIGHLY recommend the team at Visual Compass! ”

Shannon Nettles

Licensed Massage Therapist