Creating Content

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When web users visit your website you want them to explore it, love it, share it, and come back to visit it again. It is important to make sure the content of your website has superior quality and that you’re presenting this superior quality content to the right crowd.

Chances are that there would be many different types of content that may be of interest to your visitors, however, most of the time you should focus on content that can be directly beneficial to you. If you write about how your product /service is useful, not only are you engaging your visitor but it might lead to a sale without much effort!

Educate your web visitors on how to choose a product or service and what they should be looking for, then add a short line about how your company has that important feature they need. Write about how to use the product/service your company offers for those who landed on your page not knowing if what you offer is for them. Every once in a while create content by interviewing industry leaders, and tell personal stories to vary the content and make it entertaining. By doing this, you aren’t directly driving sales but you are giving your reader a break from straight information and making the content more engaging.

Before you start typing away newly inspired content, just a few more points to make. Develop your content goals beforehand by thinking about what it is you want to communicate to your site-viewers. Try to keep the content semi-uniform. For example, all blogs should be between 250-400 words. (people like familiarity) Last but not least, provide multiple ways for users to locate the content. For example, post blogs on your website but connect them to your Facebook & Twitter page so that users can stay up to date on your company from all platforms.