What is Inbound Marketing?

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing plans are constantly changing to capture the attention of consumers. For many decades marketers have focused on pushing messages out to the general public, hoping that out of the many reached, it will resonate within some. This traditional approach is called “Outbound Marketing” and consumers have learned to tune these efforts out without thought.

The trend is now moving towards “Inbound Marketing” in which a marketer will help you get found by people already showing interest in your industry. Inbound Marketing is also known as “Permission Marketing” because the consumer is seeking you out and allowing you to share information with them in contrast to being interrupted with promotions that were unwanted and/or unwelcome.

Inbound Marketing focuses on getting found by customers by bringing leads into your business instead of reaching out to targets. The key is to create content that brings people to your website which should then take over to generate leads and sales. Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to publish quality content about your products and services; people are likely to find it and become interested in what you are offering. By combining several marketing channels together, your online presence will strengthen and your brand should generate more power behind it. Just keep in mind that success with inbound marketing will take time but bring warm, interested leads into your sales funnel.


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