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Customers Invest in You and Your Story

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Every business begins a new year with a renewed sense of hope and ambition. You set new company goals, outline new milestones to hit, strive for higher sales and profits than years past, and you embark on your journey with determination and purpose. But how will you meet these goals….these milestones….these sales?? If you’re striving for new customers in 2015, video can help you get them.

Word of mouth advertising is a wonderful thing, but what happens when that newly referred customer goes to check you out? Your website is your digital storefront, and customers demand that you engage them, visually appeal to them, and provide them with a reason to choose YOU. Video is one of the greatest ways to achieve this. YouTube’s users are showing no signs of slowing down, and with the addition of uploading videos to Instagram, every customer from a dental patient to a retail shopper to a restaurant patron wants to know who the person behind the company/product is and what’s their story. There is no better way to engage your customer than to appeal to them visually and emotionally. Video helps create a trust that is otherwise impossible to achieve through written content.

Explainer videos are predicted to be more used than ever in 2015. Your customer is willing to give you about 90 seconds of their time. Use it wisely. Tell your story. Resonate with your customer emotionally. Give them a reason to choose you. Who are you? What are you about? Why are you better? These things matter to consumers today and they are only becoming more and more important to them in their decision making. Video content is also playing an increasingly larger role in getting found online. A quality professional video for your website might only cost you a couple thousand dollars. How many customers would your video have to bring your business in order to pay for itself??

Video production capabilities are now available to anyone with a smart phone. This doesn’t mean that anyone with a smart phone is an amazing video producer. If your smart phone could give you a filling, would you replace your dentist?? Professional video vs a quick homemade job your brother did with his iPhone can mean the difference between obtaining that minimal spending customer, and the customer that truly believes in your brand and services. These customers are always willing to shell out more green because they believe they are paying for a professional attention to detail and care, which translates to a quality product or service in their eyes. In 2015, let professional video services like those at Visual Compass tell your story.